It begins

This is the start of something new, for me and for you.


after giving birth to this baby I┬áplan to take a week long holiday in France. I know that’s not the conventional way of doing things. To be fair, I am willing to wait until the baby is about a year old before putting him or her through the rigours of traveling. But by golly I think every woman that’s ever been pregnant deserves a holiday to their chosen destination. So that’s decided then, instead of putting that cash in his/her university fund, we shall take a much deserved break. Call me selfish, but something in me says taking a moment to breath is also an investment.

We shall now start saving for that trip.

note: instead of “hope” one says “plan” because it has been decided. start making some decisions about your life, you’ll be amazed as to how freeing it can be. not to mention that the word “plan” results in action which can manifest that which you want. Stop hoping and start planning.

ps: i’m 4 months pregnant…yes, i like to plan ahead.